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Lame Face

August 16, 2007

Produce Specialist Anyone?

Shopping at Faddoul’s Market for dinner a couple of nights ago reminded me of how pleasant Buy motilium online it is to have the assistance of Buy Brand Cialis Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed a specialist at various points throughout the day.   In the States, most specialists assist me with things like Cialis Online my network connectivity, or my cell phone plan.  That is all nice and well - but imagine having someone to assist us with things like shopping.  Yes, yes, the rich and wealthy may have personal shoppers, and maybe some of us have refrigerators that order us additional food supplies when we are running low, but how many of us (outside of the deli or baked goods section) have ever received personal assistance when selecting food items from the neighborhood grocer 10mg levitra ?

That’s right - at Faddoul’s market in Jounieh Buy tenormin online four nights ago, there was a produce specialist.  And by specialist, I mean Specialist, with a capital S.  This guy was fluent in three languages buy online tabs (Arabic, French, and English).  Not only did he carefully select the ripest, most tender vegetables from the varieties I indicated, but he also suggested complimentary selections (”Perhaps leeks might go well with vine ripened tomatos”).  He then bagged and weighed my veggies.  Talk about service.  Most sommeliers don’t even treat me that well - and at only 750 LL to boot (less than 50 cents US), I w alked Donde comprar levitra away a happy happy customer. Western union ALGERIA agent location Levitra 20

Now, if only the Lebanese could apply this level of quality to the customer service in their telecommunications industry.  Produce Specialist anyone Viagra prices ?

August 13, 2007

Oops, it’s gone…

My beard is gone. Western union ALGERIA agent location Kaput. Shaved off. Down the drain. Viagra prices Levitra 20 Funny looks at the super marche in Christian dominated Jounieh, coupled with the fact that my beard/no-mustache combo made me look conspicuously like a member of Fatah Al Islam, hastened my decision to bic it all off. On Friday, I made a visit to Halou’s coiffure in the old souq and had the head beard tamed a bit. Now I look nice and respectable.

Lebanon is gorgeous. Visited Harissa and the Citadel in Byblos. It is strange to see Arabic writing on Christian monuments, but after all, the Maronite’s are more Christian than any Evangelical in the States.

Power Buy cialis soft online is a bit finnicky - the apartment looses electricity about eight times a day. That means no AC until sometime after dark. 10mg levitra Could be worse though - the temperatures aren’t nearly as bad as they were in Viagra Super Active+ Online Israel.

Off to the beach for an Almaza. Donde comprar levitra Keskun Buy Buy micardis online Doxycycline Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed for now.

August 5, 2007

Holy Shit

Ok, any attempts at blogging regularly Buy cialis online went straight out the window Brand Levitra Online when I landed in Tel Aviv. Western union ALGERIA agent location Levitra 20

I leave for Beirut tomorrow,  via the West Bank’s Allenby/King Hussein Bridge into Amman from East Jerusalem.  I’ve got to run up to Ramat Gan to grab my Jordanian visa and then hope for the best when I land in Beirut.  So far I have been lucky enough to be remain stampless crossing into and out of Israel - but we will see how long that lasts. Viagra prices Donde comprar levitra

A short list of some of the places I have been in the last two weeks:  Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Old City in Jerusalem, the Kotel (Western Wall) on the 9th of Av (for those of you who know, the anniversary of the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temple), Ein Gedi, the Dead Sea, Massada, the Sea of Gallilee, the Golan Heights, Petra in Jordan, Dimona (home to Israel’s not so secret nuclear power Buy differin plant), and so much more.  I am going to go back and reconstruct my journey Buy Accutane Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed next week in Lebanon - so don’t get grump with me yet. 10mg levitra

From the Holy Land,


July 18, 2007

Khaos What?

So, Jonny and I spent all day at the gallery. Prepping our collateral for the Gallery’s Buy Cialis Super Active+ Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed fall shows.

Around Buy Revia Online 12am, I upgraded from Khaos to Unbound. Now I am really feeling good. 10mg levitra I have a 14 hour flight ahead of me, so I figure that I don’t really need much sleep between Buy accutane online now and the time I board the plane. Western union ALGERIA agent location Donde comprar levitra Plus, last time I flew Lufthansa, I got this sweet pair of eye goggles/googley-eyes that might help me to doze off for 14 hours. I can’t lasix price even tell you the last time I slept for 10 hours, let alone 14. Viagra prices Levitra 20 Buy levothroid online Starting to get excited.

Next stop, Nyquil induced sleep.

July 12, 2007

Welcome Reformants

Ok, ok - LameFace still isn’t launched - but, in the meantime, I figured that Buy cialis online I needed somewhere to jot down some quick notes over the next couple of months while Buy zebeta online uh “traveling.” Uh huh.

To all you LameFaced reformants, spell Buy Cialis Online Pharmacy Diflucan Online No Prescription Needed checkers, sun blockers and i-dosers: these are the real life adventures of the world’s original lame face. Western union ALGERIA agent location Donde comprar levitra No fronting. Seriously.

I’ll be at the gallery on Wednesday. You should stop by and see me. Viagra prices Otherwise, lets me up in Beirut. See you all soonsies. Levitra 20 10mg levitra

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